Sub Committees and Appointed Representatives

Thurlaston Parish Councillors serve on the following Committees:

  • Planning Committee: Trevor England (Chair), Paul Holyman and Roni Tinsley
  • Personnel sub-Committee: Paul Holyman (Chair), Trevor England and Esther Harrison.
  • Finance Sub Committee: Paul Holyman (Chair), Trevor England and Roni Tinsley
  • Recreation Ground sub Committee: Nick Bates (Chair), Trevor England, Paul Holyman
  • Community Events Committee - All Members of Council with the inclusion of Members of the Public as and when deemed appropriate.
  • Thurlaston Shooting Ground Liaison Committee: Jon Wells (Chair), Mick Chaplain, John Dutton, Trevor England, Ray Harris, Mick Marlow, Andrew Parker and Maggie Wright.

Appointed Youth Liaison - Esther Harrison

Thurlaston Parish Councillors are members of the following external Committees:

  • Fosse Villages Neighbourhood Plan Committee: Paul Holyman
  • Thurlaston Village Hall Committee: Paul Holyman
  • Huncote Quarry Liaison Committee: Trevor England.
  • Heartlink Committee: Maggie Wright, Trevor England and Paul Holyman

Terms of Reference