With the current restrictions on our movement and social distancing we are adhering to, to ensure all our safety, the simple pleasure of collecting a daily newspaper may not be as easy as we have experienced previously.

Deliver My Newspaper is a site where you can register for 12 weeks of free newspaper deliveries. You register with them and they send you vouchers to pass on to your newsagents to cover the cost of delivery i.e one in Earl Shilton. The vouchers aren't specific to a particular newsagents so it doesn't matter where.

The other site is to get a delivery itself. The website is:

Or the contact number to set up a new account is 01782 358998.

You set up the account with them and provide bank details but once you receive your vouchers for delivery you just send it on to them and you will not then be charged as per the vouchers.

You obviously have to pay the price of the newspaper. Usual delivery costs work out at 45p a day or £3.15 per week

Posted: Mon, 20 Apr 2020 13:47 by Elaine Foxon

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